Sunday, August 22, 2010

The 4 steps to miracle making


Ho-oponopono, as taught by Dr. Hew Len and promoted by Joe Vitale, is able to create miracles in your life. If you get Vitale’s Zero Limits, you’ll be told stories of how this has happened to people who used it. For Vitale and others, life moved into the “miracles-as-usual” band.

While Dr. Len based his procedure on his mentor’s, Morrnah Simeona – who in turn had been refining very traditional healing techniques from the earlier Huna traditions.

There are, to my understanding, just 4 points to this – which, when understood in their depth – are able to reverse any situation you have going in your life.

1. Be responsible for what is. This means welcoming it fully in all its aspects and accepting that you somehow, and in some way created this. As you consider and accept that we are all connected, then you see that this is true – even if you don’t see how in the present moment. You may see initially that something could be improved. But also look for the perfection that is in that solution you are seeing. Look simply at what is.Drop any resistance, or wanting to change it, just welcome it for what it is.

2. Recognize all the effects it has caused up to this point. Again, as we are all connected, the Golden Rule is bringing effects forward from the original cause that started from that creation. Accept these and be responsible for them. Again, drop any resistance to this or need for change – welcome whatever you are looking at for what it is and be willing to let it be or let it go.

3. Create it newly with love. See that it now is a new creation, a more optimal solution than ever before. See that now it creates a win-win solution for everyone involved. Completely create it with absolute and elemental Love such that it spreads throughout all you are aware of, and benefits all it touches and effects – which is everyone.

4. Let it go for the Universe to manifest newly. Feel the gratitude present that any effect has already been created. Feel the calm, cheerful expectancy that you are now experiencing the echoes of this Love you just sent into the Universe. Know it’s already complete and everyone has benefitted from your actions and thoughts and creation.

- - - -

This is really the answer to everything in your life which is non-optimal. As you see something happening (like government interference, taxes, wars, poverty, disease, etc.) then apply these four steps to them. As you consider and create optimal solutions for everything around you that you are connected directly with, you’ll start seeing “miracles” occur with greater and greater frequency. Accept these and validate them.

Of course, as you practice with this, your ability will improve. And you can take on bigger and bigger situations. Like World Peace and Global Prosperity.
You may see parts and pieces of various training systems in this – all quite in addition to the original Huna techniques. Silva Method, Levenson releasing, even Earl Nightingale’s “Strangest Secret”. For all these roads lead to the same place and all these story tellers have the same plot-line.

The point is that anything you feel is incomplete or non-optimal around you can now be changed with those four simple points above.

And they obviously work best when you get into a quiet, reflective, and even meditative attitude. Quiet the mind as best you are able, then simply consider each of these steps above.

You might want to learn Dr. Len’s short-hand for this:

“I’m sorry.”

“Please forgive me.”

“I love you.”

“Thank you.”

You’ll see that the four steps above just fill in the background information which these four statements address. And were found through researching the background of Ho-oponopono, Huna, and a wealth of related materials.

Please use this, improve it, and share it with all who are interested.

Love to all.

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