Thursday, September 30, 2010

World Peace Self Help Lessons


There is a reason you are here. And you probably don’t know it yet – although you have a pretty good idea. Because if you did know, then you’d have a very good idea of what you should be doing to solve it. (If it were truly solved, you’d more likely disappear form this plane of existence.)

That is the point to enlightenment and subsequent spiritual training. Lots of people get enlightened and find that limitless peace beyond all understanding which is now ever-present. But you’ll also see, as they do, that they keep moving right along with life around them. The world may still be filled with tragedies, but these don’t bother them much.

The next trick is to get these to disappear. Of course, there are many, many solutions to these. Ho’oponopono (such as following Dr. Len Hew and “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale) would be one solution. There are various miracles reported from using this 4 step technique.

Another solution would be to use the “Law of Attraction” with the various steps outlined in “The Secret” DVD. Because you could attract a better world around you – and you do. Concentrating on the best you could imagine will then move you again into the “miracles as usual” band.

There are even more ways to do this. Some examples are found in the “Magic of Believing” by Claude Bristol – plenty for you to study and learn.

What’s the point here? Look, if you really got perfectly clear on everything, then your job in this particular existence would be complete. And you’d move onto something else to solve – or simply be happy in a constant state of unlimited satori and join the other Masters who exist in different realms than what we can experience.

But if you’re still here after reaching your own enlightenment, then there are other lessons to learn, other purposes to fill.

There are, in my estimation, an unlimited amount of lessons you can learn after you reach a stable state of enlightenment. This is where your spiritual training begins.

As near as I can figure at this point, and based on the Huna principle that we are all connected (“There are no limits.”) – then the world’s problems are our problems as well. And this is exactly where Dr. Len’s version of Ho’oponopono comes in. The one and first point you can deal with is why you are having the perception that you do. And then erase the bad parts of what you see.

Fear and most negative emotions are based on a lack of something. But if you look closely, you’ll find that all lack is manufactured, a fiction. Like letting a light shine – darkness isn’t turned on or off, so cannot affect a light. You don’t shovel out the dark in order to get more light – or open drain in the floor. You just let the light shine.

And while people could argue with the semantics of that example, listen to that idea with your heart. See what it tells you is possible. For if you keep your attention on the im-possible, then you are shunning all that is possible – and it won’t show up for you.

Those are the various lessons we can now start learning as we make our travels through this life. That is our spiritual training – which won’t quit as long as you keep following this dream you are currently in as you read this.

All the best to you and yours.

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