Monday, November 6, 2006

More dog food.

While I haven't written, lately, rest assured that my world continues, it's path toward truth inexorable...

While you can see that I dogged this last entry at schedules, this is exactly what has been bugging my life up in working out how to get Haanel studied. Interesting, I found that I needed to publish a smaller student guide, based on the original student handbook, so that I could study over lunch and breaks. This has worked out, remarkably. You see, I returned to working weekends at a local warehouse, while my festivals and their caricature work take a winter hiatus. So being able to study a spiral-bound 6x9 book in the scraps of time is essential to making any progress.

Haanel tends to build up a momentum, like any well-written book. Here, you study paragraph by paragraph and there is no skipping around, since the language is a form of English not commonly used these days. But that's fine, the book is written with numbered paragraphs so you can. I've planned a commentary on this book, which will find its way into GTY S'more.

This morning, I'd like to tell you about the interesting connections I've found showing up around me. Right now, I'm on Lesson Fourteen in the book. By now, Haanel is talking about how one is tied in to the Universal mind through the subconscious - although he doesn't ever (at least so far) give much of the mechanical connection between the conscious, subconscious and Unversal Mind (superconscious). Serge King does a much better job of this, but Haanel comments:
22. Do you, can you, appreciate the value of this all-important fact; do you realize that a recognition of this tremendous fact places you in touch with Omnipotence? The subconscious mind being the connecting link between the Universal Mind and the conscious mind, is it not evident that the conscious mind can consciously suggest thoughts which the subconscious mind will put into action, and as the subconscious is one with the Universal, is it not evident that no limit can be placed upon its activities?

I've been interestingly working around the various metaphors we use in order to work at accessing data in the Quantum Hologram/Universal Mind via the subconscious mind. While King and others reference and use the Garden as a means of getting data and improving your life, there are many other means of doing this. Some, as Hill suggests in his chapter on the Sixth Sense, can use other metaphors, such as Hill's board meeting. There are traditions of departed spirits giving lessons to the living. (Which got Huna into trouble originally with the Christian missionaries.) One can have any number of your ancestors (or others) giving you data on an infrequent basis on how to live your life. The mechanical explanation is that your subconscious is giving you a means of filtering the data you need from the Universal Mind/Higher Intelligence. All you are doing with your conscious mind is setting up various agreements so that you are able to recieve this new data.

This is what any study of Haanel does. On a gradient scale, through doing the exercises daily and weekly, you start opening up your mind and training it so that you can start recieving this insight as you constantly "post" your own vision through the subconsious to the Unversal/superconscious. These various metaphors are a means of giving you your answers and guidence.

Another metaphor is dreams. If your start the habit of keeping a journal to write down your dreams (I lay awhile every morning and after every nap to work at remembering my dreams and distilling their content) you will start being able to remember their content vividly. (King devotes a whole chapter to this in his book, Mastering The Hidden Self - yes, I recommend him and his book highly. I'd link you to Amazon, but their system isn't that intutive and I fear leaving you with a broken link.)

The point of the conscious is coordination and cooperation. Mastering life means working with all of your various impulses and fears, as well as your hopes and expectations. Through my Go Thunk Yourself series, as well as the reference books I've provided, I hope that people can see that of the many routes up the mountain, they are all singing the same chorus. It's just a matter of studying the fundamentals and then working out the an effective system which you personally can use. As in Huna, "Effectiveness is the measure of truth." Or, as King writes,
The last principle, 'Effectiveness is the measure of truth,' indicates in a subtle way that you can choose to take someone else's word for what is true, or you can plunge into the stream of life and test it for yourself.
And that is the simplicity of it all, which is why I advise people to take up Huna after Haanel. I can see now that I have to do some major additions to GTYS before I finalise it in any fashion - but that's why it's a blog, afterall... and why I'm writing this blog as well. (Though I don't know that the "Dog Food" route is one I can use - it makes more sense to geeks than perhaps the bulk of readers, though it certainly is graphic.)

Back to my point - when you study Haanel, you gradiently get into this connection with the Supreme/Universal Mind. If you open up your senses, especially through the various metaphors mentioned above, you can have incredible things happen in your life. The more you discipline yourself to personal trust and faith, developing certainty of action and taking action - all the world becomes open to you. Just as Braden and others say that the Quantum Hologram/Universal Mind contains all known data, utilizing various spiritual metaphors will have this literally suggesting itself to you - like an always-on Google search button. Everything you do is constantly searched and the most relative results are given you - if you set up your metaphors to produce these results and you trust yourself.

What this will take is some work in sorting out and disciplining your subconscious/ku. You have to spend some time confronting life and not allowing people to tell you to run away from parts of it. While Haanel tells us the bottom line on creating your vision is love, you have all these people in your life (as well as TV and cable news) inviting you to hate or fear (which are simply absenses of love). There is a discipline (which Jesus of Nazareth found and illustrated) in keeping love in your life. But, as anything, it involves the disciplined action of turning that other cheek and not forwarding the hate and dispersal.

A simple method on this line: take a deep breath and physically relax before you do anything in response. If you develop this as a habit, you will find that you live a more peaceful life and can solve presented problems more rationally. Temper is a habit of uncontrolled emotions. One can replace any temper habit through a discipline of Love. Imagine if everyone around you would only give you constructive criticism - what a world we would be in. Things would continue getting better and better. Well, such a world is possible, is at our finger tips.

And perhaps, just perhaps, it is time for those among us to act in such fashions to solve those around us who deal almost entirely in hate (ie. the jihadists).

But above all, continue to study and pray/meditate and evolve. That is your only real personal hope, as well as any hope for anyone around you, much less this planet.

At least it's a fun ride...

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