Friday, May 20, 2011

The Fiction of IT, the Reality of THOU

Of course, after my discourse on shapeshifters, shadows, and tricksters - I then watched a bit more of Joseph Cambell's "Power of Myth".

He brought up the fact that by looking at people as "Thou's" instead of "It's" you change your own psychology.

This comes back to the point that you are only looking back at you.

Of course, this is the explanation for war and conflict of all types. Even these despots who are starving their country's people. They consider themselves separate from everyone around them.

That's the trick with operating from the first level. It's all separatist thinking. There really is no one else.

And that is what makes these stories fascinating for their viewers. The tragic hero has all these lacking qualities - among them that these people are living for their own identity. And only that.

Their lives are much, much harder to live than anyone who is looking at life from the other, additional levels.

Consider this idea that all around you - plants, animals, rocks, minerals, even air and water - are full of life. That they are actually you.

Of course, this gives you the reason for the "Golden Rule" as a shorthand credo to live life by. As you simply follow this, you are treating others as you would treat yourself.

That's closer to the truth than most people suspect.

And you knew that.

It changes how you deal with any nemesis you may meet. For they are really asking for your help, and your lessons.

What a great life this is.

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