Saturday, May 21, 2011

Winning Your Infinite Freedom

If I were going to compile a guidebook based on this blog, that would be the title. (So we're trying it out on the header above.)

Don't know at this point that a book is ever going to happen. This fits better on a blog, where people can find the links. And it makes finding your freedom easier...

The pages at the top, and the links on the side really tell you all you need. Or at least I think so. The whole point is to give you all the options you could use in order to sort out and build your own route to freedom.

As I've covered before (in "Freedom Is") - you already have all the freedom you could possibly have.

This whole site continued to evolve after that book was published. As I cover in "Why This Approach?", it becomes a point of, "So you're enlightened, - now what?" That's what Lester Levenson ran into after he solved a life-threatening physical situation. Spiritually, he was completely free - but still here on this physical plane.

Alan Watts covered this in his various lectures. Zen Masters who achieved satori and simply then returned to their old trades or professions. Didn't change what they had gone through or their personal result. Life was different.

I could probably go on for hours with this, another over-long, too-verbose post. Listening to Joseph Campbell's "Power of Myth" video gives you completely different views on life and living. The point brought up last night was that there are many more shamans out there than are thought. Most don't have the structure in their lives to start to learn what to do with that event.

For some, they've suffered through a near-death experience. Other's have a flash of inspiration when in Nature, or doing their normal daily lives. (Claude Bristol covers some of this in his "Magic of Believing". Another book Bristol references is "Cosmic Conscousness" by Maurice Bucke.)

My own life had one of each. I survived cancer in my early '20's and decades later had a life-changing epiphany while walking along in the woods - all thought dropped away for a few minutes, giving me the personal peace I hadn't realized I was looking for.  Convenient to say "change of life", but harder to explain from the inside out.

It's just now that it's all settled into place.

And I'm letting you in on the path I followed to get there. Nothing more.

Your own mileage may definitely vary. Because the road you follow won't be the identical one to mine.

Just the way it is.

But if you've had that very unique experience, then you may want to digest this blog in different ways to search for what you feel you now need to become complete.

A subtitle could well be "Learning how to release your inner shaman - steps and techniques for fully living life."

That's probably the surprise hooker which startled me most. The point: just that anyone can live on these additional levels. And until they do, they really don't know what they are missing. However, it's more along the lines of that old phrase, "Many are Called, Few Choose."  Because your life, your Now, is all a matter of choices, a matter of decisions.

Drop all your old programs and get spiritually free. Then complete your training to become fully alive in that freedom. That's the advice I'm following.

And have fun with all this. Lots and lots of it.

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